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Plant Parents offers plant design, plant sales, plant maintenance and plant rentals for both business and home.

Plant Design and Consultation

Plant Parents creates a distinctive indoor plant design tailored to your office or home. We address site specific needs for office plants and home tropical plants. We evaluate environmental conditions such as light, window orientation, texture, balance, traffic flow and space limitations. Plant Parents also designs exterior planting plans which include entryways, courtyards, lanais and in-ground beds.

Plant Sales & Container Sales

Plant Parents has a distinctive inventory of tropical plants. Plant selection is important and essential to long term success. Our inventory includes Ficus, Dracaenas, Palms, Bromeliads, Orchids and more. With our help clients choose plants that enhance and complement their offices and homes.

We also help clients choose tasteful containers that coordinate with existing furnishings. Container styles include: floor planters, window boxes, hanging baskets, sconces and cylinders. Container materials can be brass, chrome, copper, spun aluminum, ceramic, fiberglass/plastic, stone, and traditional terra-cotta. If you choose to purchase your plants and containers up front your monthly fee for maintenance will be less than if leasing.

Long Term Plant Rentals (plants and containers)

Plant Parents offers long term plant rental programs that include all plants and containers. A long term rental offers the advantage of an exciting interior plant program that might not otherwise be possible. The client can start a distinctive plant maintenance program with no upfront purchase costs. Office plants and plants for the home are quickly available from our unique tropical plant inventory.

Short Term Plant Rentals (for parties, weddings and special occasions)

Plant Parents can provide short term plant rentals for many special occasions: weddings, parties, proms, school dances, graduations, open houses, trade shows and more! Popular selections include lighted ficus trees, areca palms, or queen palms. We also provide amazing tropical plant groupings with ferns, bromeliads and unique colorful tropical plantings.

We collaborate with Party Planners and Event Coordinators to really make a difference while using plants to decorate a wedding or party venue. Our wedding plants and party plants are recommended by many hospitality companies and destination locations, and we can work with your florists or caterer. Our experience has earned Plant Parents a terrific reputation for being creative, ambience improving, professionals, that are on time and fair priced. We have proudly placed “party plants” in tents, auditoriums, country clubs, backyards, ballrooms, stages, gymnasiums, cafeterias churches and museums.

Our Tropical Plant Rental enhancements can really hit a home run for the local Sarasota, Venice, Bradenton venues such as; the Crosley Mansion, the Ringling, Philippi Mansion, Selby Gardens, Mote Marine the Van Wezel and more!

Our experience makes Plant Parents an excellent choice for enhancing the aesthetics of your next special occasion.

Plant Maintenance

  • Plant Parents offers flexible horticultural service plans:
    • Purchase and Guaranteed Maintenance:
      • Customers purchase plants and containers.  Our licensed professional plant care technicians provide ongoing regular service. Plant replacements are included at no additional charge.
    • Long Term and Guaranteed Plant Maintenance:
      • Plant Parents rents the plants and containers on a long term basis with ongoing regular service. Plant replacements are included. This is very popular for office plants in small and medium sized companies.
    • Maintenance Only Service:
      • Plant Parents maintains client owned or newly purchased plants with regular service (weekly, bi weekly or monthly). Replacements are on a recommended-for-purchase basis. Exterior plantings are serviced as maintenance only. This service is primarily for exterior lanai and patio plantings.
    • One Time Service:
      • Plant service can include clean-ups or check-ups of your houseplants or lanai plants, repotting of container plants, or total “re-do’s” of in ground lanai beds. The cost of this service is usually quoted on a time and materials basis.

Color Rotations: (bromeliads, orchids and more)

Plant Parents offers unique and beautiful tropical color plant rotation programs. Our blooming plants add a touch of class or “eye candy” to many offices and homes. Our color tropical plant selection includes:



Seasonal Color


Kalanchoes             Anthuriums                 Mums                 Holiday

Annuals and Perennials for bedding and container programs  


Plant Delivery and Plant Installations

Plant Delivery and Plant Installations

Plants by Plant Parents enhance peoples’ lives. We believe it is important to choose and select the finest quality plants from local and statewide growers. Our team of horticultural technicians and operations associates will proudly transform your home or office into a warm, healthy plant friendly environment. We take pride in being smooth, efficient on time and clean in our plant delivery and plant installations.