Plants on Urban Balcony

Outdoor Privacy Plantings For Balconies

A great view is a great thing…. Except when that great view is in to your home. While a nice balcony is a must for many condo owners and city dwellers, it can be tough to enjoy your space when it feels too exposed. The right privacy plantings can help provide coverage and create a more personal, intimate feel on your balcony and in your home without obstructing the view you love. Here’s what to consider when looking at privacy planting options.

Plants on Urban Balcony

Height isn’t Always Right

Generally, a little elevation for your plantings is a good thing–but too much and you’ll risk losing any view at all. Hip-high or so planters do a good job of softening a view and creating a more private environment. Choose mid-height shrubs to add some additional height with more coverage.

If your concern is exposure from above (i.e. another apartment or condo across the street), a taller, wind-hardy selection may be in order. Avoid anything too top-heavy, and select a more more sizable container to allow your planting to achieve height.

Custom wooden planters with green hedge


Stability Is Crucial….

Many taller, rectangular planters have relatively narrow bases, which is bad news on outdoor balconies for two reasons. First, you need a container that can withstand the weather. Anything too narrow will tip, even with rock or other weighted material in the base. Second, narrow planters limit the type, height, and longevity of the plants you’ll be able to use.

Tropical Privacy Screen

….But Consider Mobility, Too

Some condos may require plants to be moved indoors during certain weather events, such as hurricanes or tropical storms. If this is the case, it’s good to make sure you have planters in a material like fiberglass that are going to be relatively easy to move.


Keep You Plants Simple

Privacy plantings are generally in the least protected parts of balconies, on the edges where they are exposed to sun, wind, and for many in our region, salt. It’s important to pick plants that can tolerate these conditions and thrive, especially because they will be so visible. For the most coverage, think bushy shrubs–a mono-culture can look very chic and modern. To add in color, consider smaller succulent bowls or sun-hardy flowering varieties in more protected areas of your balcony. Alternately, mix in colorful foliage plants with shrubbier varieties to get a pop of color while still having a solid barrier.


Interested in exploring privacy planting options for your balcony? A professional plantscaper can help you select the right varieties to achieve the protection and style you want, and will have the experience to know what holds up in your locale. In the Sarasota-Bradenton area? Give us a call for a free consult!

Space Savers: Three Office Plant Styles for Small Offices

Want to enjoy some of the creative, wellness, and productivity benefits of a live plant program, but worried your office just doesn’t have the space? Fear not! Today, there are plenty of tried and true solutions for workplaces with limited space for office plants. Below, three of our favorite ways to incorporate greenery into any office.


Cubicle Topper Window Boxes

Live plants in dining areaSo simple, but these can completely transform an office. There are several options for these kind of planters on the market, but our favorites come with adjustable clamps underneath to fit any divider and keep your plants firmly in place. Positioning these on top of dividers rather than hanging over one side means more visibility for your plants. It also creates an overall greener impression to anyone looking out into the space–great for when you’re showing potential new hires around. This style of planter works well for tops of cabinets, windowsills, and other narrower spaces where a single plant isn’t quite cutting it.

We like to pair these with a combo of trailing and upright plants to get a more balanced look that maximizes visibility. For more color, it’s easy to add in guzmanias.


Cubicle Plants Office plants


Tall Squares or Cylinders With Sleek Foliage

Plant In Office CornerTall square planters are perfect for offices with just a tiny corner left for plantings, or even as a finishing touch for hallways. We use these to elevate plants so that they’re visible over desktops. Tall planters also create the impression of more executive-looking height.


In smaller offices, we like to pair these with taller, skinnier canes for that tree-like height, or with ZZ plants for a modern, minimalist look with a sculptural quality.

Office Plant in Tall Square




Mini Desktop Planters With Colorful Toppers

There are a huge variety of tabletop planter options. Our favorite for seriously tight spaces are tall squares or vases paired with mini plants. Upright plants create an opportunity to get creative with toppers. Use sea glass, sand, and pebbles create a unique and personalized look that compliments the plant and brings out its character.


We love using polished river rock for a more natural look, or glass marbles in complementary hues for a fun pop of color to match distinct interior decor or corporate colors.


Ready to Go Green In Your Office? Here’s What Else to Keep In Mind

The key to a successful office plant program is find a combination of plants and planters that enhance your environment without creating clutter or interrupting the flow of traffic. What works for one space may not for another. Interested in a plan for your office? Contact a professional interiorscaper to schedule a free consult. They can recommend appropriate plants, planters and other fixtures to create a custom plant program for your office, as well as displays for client-facing, high visibility areas like your reception and entry areas.