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Five Ways Live Plant Rentals Enhance Events


Floral arrangements have long been a staple of special occasions, but live plant rentals have, until fairly recently, been more of an event planner trade secret. Now, it’s easier than every to rent plants short term for weddings, parties, graduations, and more. Here’s how live plants can enhance any venue, from humble to high-end.


Plant rental event garden themeMake a Familiar Venue Your Own

Short term plant rentals are a great way to personalize venues, and make familiar spaces feel special. Groupings of palms and philodendrons, for example, can quickly transform a gym into a jungle. Even if you have a ritzier venue, a touch of greenery offers an opportunity to put your mark on the space.


Dampen Sound

Acoustics in large spaces can be tricky. Large, leafy plants, like ficus trees, can help absorb echoes and other ambient sound. Outdoors, live plants can help create a barrier to soften the sounds of traffic from outside or music from within.


Crowd ControlPlant rental for gala

Larger live plants are great for helping define areas where you’d like people to go–and discourage them from areas best avoided. Use them to create a sense of enclosure or paths between areas. Plants are also great for creating a sense of intimacy in larger areas, like conference halls or large lawns, or even inside larger tents when arranged near posts.


Add Color

Plants can be used to add color and interest to a space. This can be accomplished by adding blooming plants, like guzmanias, as standalone arrangements or underplantings on larger trees. It can also be accomplished with colorful foliage plants. Some of our favorite colorful foliage plants include “Red Sister” Ti Plants (burgundy and fuchsia), Lemon Lime Dracenas (striped with white and two shades of green), and Glaucas (green with blush at the base).


Add Light

String lights make a great addition to our ficus trees. At evening events, they add a soft glow. Underlighting is another option that works especially well with palm trees.


Interested in exploring short term plant rental options for your next event? Contact Plant Parents for more information–we look working on event design!

Colorful Plants In Office

Three Unique Plantings We Love

Every space has its unique challenges–and often those challenges are part of their charm. It’s always a treat when we can find ways to use those unusual nooks and crannies as part of a plant program.  Below, check out three recent favorites!

From The Space Under The Stairs to The Space Everyone Wants to See

Colorful Plants In Office

An empty stretch under the stairs can be tricky to design around. Even if it’s not closed off, it can become a de-facto storage area, which isn’t always pretty. With a little creativity, this client was able to take full advantage of their space, filling in a small depression with black polished stone and topping it off with bowls brimming with tropical color, creating a memorable installation that draws visitors from inside the building and off the streets.


A Custom Orchid Wall For A Busy Cafe

indoor orchards

This cafe owner loved orchids–but with a busy business, there was only so much space to add more. We worked with them to develop a system for adding orchids to this wall installation for an eye-catching take on the green wall. It’s easy to customize this piece with fresh plants and accessories, making it a great conversation piece that always has something new to offer.


Succulents Spruce Up A Wooden Wall


Succulent Wall

This bar had a really interesting, geometric wood wall. The wall was striking empty, but adding small succulents to the built in pockets upped the ante. A mix of upright and trailing pieces creates a look that’s on trend and so very Instagram-able.


Have an odd spot in your home, office, or business you’d like to transform? Give us a call! We’d love to work with you!