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Plant Rentals

Let Plant Parents add an organic touch to your wedding decor or special event, by using lush greenery and a pop of color to match!

GrowUp Green Wall Installation By Plant Parents

This spring, our team had an exciting opportunity to install a GrowUp Green Wall! This one is planted entirely with different varieties of jasmine, including a truly gorgeous “Autumn” variety with red and orange foliage. Check out the pics below!     Interested in exploring green walls for your home or office? As installation professionals […]

Plantscapers Show Solidarity for Shelter in Place and Social Distancing with Launch of #StayPlanted Initiative Press Release

      Plantscapers Show Solidarity for Shelter in Place and Social Distancing with Launch of #StayPlanted Initiative Interior plantscaping professionals encourage individuals to adhere to shelter in place and social distancing health and safety guidelines   Sarasota, FL– To help advance CDC messaging for shelter in place and social distancing guidelines, a coalition of interior […]

#StayPlanted Factsheet on Indoor Plant Benefits

Whether you’re still sheltering in place or preparing to return to the office, indoor plants can offer a multitude of health benefits for mind & body, as showcased in this great new infographic from Green Plants for Green Buildings! Check it out below, or click this link for the Indoor Plants Infographic PDF. We hope […]

Five Ways Home Plant Service Is Amazing

Whether you’re a green thumb or can’t keep a cactus alive, home plant service is a great way to enhance your space and enhance your life. Here’s how bringing a professional in is a gamechanger.   Plants and Planters Tailored to You Professional plantscapers help balance your unique style with practical considerations that will insure […]

Interior Plant Trends to Watch in 2020

The last decade was a big one for interior landscapes. An ever growing body of research into the health, wellness, and productivity-boosting potential of biophilic design coupled with the aesthetics of the social media age helped fuel an increased demand for plants in homes, offices, and communities at large. Along with that demand has come […]

Get in on the Green Wall Trend with Moss Walls & Plant Portraits!

Living walls are stunning–but can get prohibitively expensive fast. Depending on the style of green wall, they may also require serious commitments in terms of rerouting plumbing, installing large-scale lights, or investing in specialized equipment to reach and care for high-up plants. Moss Walls and Plant Portraits offer a way to explore the living wall […]

Plant Parents 2019 Summer Team Building

It takes a lot of care to maintain gorgeous plants in our clients’ over 300 offices, homes, shops, restaurants, civic centers, and nonprofits–not to mention to provide live plants for hundreds of events each year. Our hardworking team of horticultural technicians and operations crew are the ones who make it happen. This summer, we took […]

Three Fun Spring Installations We Love

Spring is always an exciting time to be in the plant business. Longer, wetter days mean lots of gorgeous greenery, and something about the changing of the seasons always seems to inspire creativity. Below, three recent projects we’ve been loving:   Resort Lobby Plantings Featuring Ceramics, Bamboo, and Succulent Gardens     This beach-side hotel […]

Three Practical Uses for Office Plants

In addition to the myriad ways plants can improve productivity in the office, well-positioned plantings can be the solution to a number of practical problems in the workplace. Below, some of our favorite “green hacks” to try.   Cover Unsightly Cords A strategically placed planting can be a great way to hide bunches of cords […]

Spring Plant Sale 2019 Press Release

A Local Favorite Returns: Plant Parents Spring Plant Sale Offers Great Greenery for Less Bargain Prices, Big Selection of Plants Plus Containers at Biannual Sale SARASOTA, FLORIDA – Plant Parents will host their Spring Plant Sale and Open House Friday and Saturday May 10-11. The event, a longtime favorite among local plant lovers, boasts a […]

Five Ways Live Plant Rentals Enhance Events

Floral arrangements have long been a staple of special occasions, but live plant rentals have, until fairly recently, been more of an event planner trade secret. Now, it’s easier than every to rent plants short term for weddings, parties, graduations, and more. Here’s how live plants can enhance any venue, from humble to high-end.   Make […]

Three Unique Plantings We Love

Every space has its unique challenges–and often those challenges are part of their charm. It’s always a treat when we can find ways to use those unusual nooks and crannies as part of a plant program.  Below, check out three recent favorites! From The Space Under The Stairs to The Space Everyone Wants to See […]

Outdoor Privacy Plantings For Balconies

A great view is a great thing…. Except when that great view is in to your home. While a nice balcony is a must for many condo owners and city dwellers, it can be tough to enjoy your space when it feels too exposed. The right privacy plantings can help provide coverage and create a […]

Space Savers: Three Office Plant Styles for Small Offices

Want to enjoy some of the creative, wellness, and productivity benefits of a live plant program, but worried your office just doesn’t have the space? Fear not! Today, there are plenty of tried and true solutions for workplaces with limited space for office plants. Below, three of our favorite ways to incorporate greenery into any […]

Three Ways Plants Improve Workplaces

Plants at work may be pretty, but that’s not the only reason so many successful companies give their workplaces a green makeover. Live plant programs are a smart investment for offices, an investment which yields surprising–and substantial–returns. Here’s how:       Boost Productivity Numerous studies have found that productivity spikes in offices with plants […]