Custom residential planting with river rock

Interior Plant Trends to Watch in 2020

The last decade was a big one for interior landscapes. An ever growing body of research into the health, wellness, and productivity-boosting potential of biophilic design coupled with the aesthetics of the social media age helped fuel an increased demand for plants in homes, offices, and communities at large. Along with that demand has come a need for new kinds of interiorscape solutions, solutions that look Insta-worthy fresh and are practical for our evolving workplaces and lifestyles. Here, some of the trends we’re excited to see continue to grow in the 2020s!


Large green wall sarasota

Living Walls

The 2010s were when greenwall systems really started to Plant wall and office plants for office in Sarasota / Bradenton areabecome more widely available to the public. Let’s just say that some of these systems have proved to be better than others. With some solid years of testing out there, greenwall systems are only continuing to improve, with a clear set of reliable brands and durable options emerging. While many of the floor-to-ceiling style living walls are still fairly pricey, improved design and technology will help make these showstopper pieces a safer long term investment. 



Plant Portraits, Mini Green Walls, and Sconce-based Systems

One of the other great things to come out of the living wall crazy are the number of smaller scale alternatives. Plant portraits, mini green walls, and sconce-style systems are all great ways to get a highly customizable look without breaking the bank. As a bonus, these systems are much more portable, so they can be moved, rearranged, etc as offices or other spaces grow and change. 



Snake plant and shrubbery used in restaurant seating area

‘Retro’ Houseplants Coming Back Into Style

Hard as it may be for the newest generation of plant parents to believe, many current Instagram darlings like Monsteras were long considered “grandma plants”. Over the past decades, these varieties have come back into vogue. We’re particularly pleased with the rebranding of Sansevieria, many of which hold up quite well in low light!

In the next year, we hope to continue to make the old feel new by pairing vintage-cool plants with sleek, modern fixtures in of-the-moment colors and textures. Our pic for the next comeback kid plant? Schefflera, especially in column form–we’ve spotted these guys in everything from Ikea catalogs to Adam Driver’s Marriage Story apartment!


snake plant in white modern box

Clay-Style Pottery 

Many of the most of-the-moment looks have a distinctly organic feel to the, Case in point: Clay-style pottery. What keeps the look from getting too “crunchy” are simple, pared down shapes. What keeps them practical are new materials and manufacturing techniques that make it possible to get that high-end look without the fragility or weight of older models.

clay style white pots on pool deck

Biophilia Everywhere!

This one isn’t really a new trend. The theory of biophilia has been around for decades. But in a world increasingly concerned with wellness and the environment, and increasingly working and living in more urban spaces, more and more people are discovering the ideas and research behind biophilic design, and turning to biophilic solutions at home, in the workplace, and in their community spaces.


Curious about how a professional plant program could enhance your life? Give us a call at 941-377-3070, or visit Contact Us to shoot us an email.

Plant wall and office plants for office in Sarasota / Bradenton area

Get in on the Green Wall Trend with Moss Walls & Plant Portraits!

Living walls are stunning–but can get prohibitively expensive fast. Depending on the style of green wall, they may also require serious commitments in terms of rerouting plumbing, installing large-scale lights, or investing in specialized equipment to reach and care for high-up plants. Moss Walls and Plant Portraits offer a way to explore the living wall trend in your home or office in a way that’s minimally invasive but makes a great impact. 

Moss Art Installation Office Center Sarasota

Moss WallsOffice plant service moss wall art installation


Moss walls offer lots of options with relatively low maintenance requirements. Our favorites, the panels from Biomontage, offer studio-ranked sound absorption as well as lots of modern, clean biophilic style.

Biomontage panels are available in a range of sizes, several moss colors and species, and a number of complementary materials such as poplar bark, stone slabs, and coconut wood. That variety makes for endless arrangement options, making these especially versatile and useful in hard to fill spaces.


Plant wall and office plants for office in SarasotaPlant Portraits


Plant Portraits are basically smaller versions of living walls. We tend to gravitate toward the ‘deeper’ tray styles, designed to hold plants in 6” growpots, as these allow us to use really health sized plants. Generally, plant portraits are hand watered, so no irrigation installation necessary. Shelf-style walls also make it easier to switch plants around–perfect if you want to try experimenting with color or live flowers.


Interested in exploring options for moss walls, green walls, or plant portraits in your home or office? As installation professionals with certifications from many of the top living wall brands, we’d love to help! Give us a call at (941) 377-3070.

Plant Parents team having fun at Selby Gardens

Plant Parents 2019 Summer Team Building

It takes a lot of care to maintain gorgeous plants in our clients’ over 300 offices, homes, shops, restaurants, civic centers, and nonprofits–not to mention to provide live plants for hundreds of events each year. Our hardworking team of horticultural technicians and operations crew are the ones who make it happen. This summer, we took a day to celebrate their amazing work and learn some new tips and tricks to help make a great group even better. 


Below, check out some pics from our day on the town visiting Selby Gardens! 


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Three Fun Spring Installations We Love

Spring is always an exciting time to be in the plant business. Longer, wetter days mean lots of gorgeous greenery, and something about the changing of the seasons always seems to inspire creativity. Below, three recent projects we’ve been loving:


Resort Lobby Plantings Featuring Ceramics, Bamboo, and Succulent Gardens

Plants for resort lobby bamboo canes, glazed ceramic, guzmanias



This beach-side hotel lobby called for a set of plantings as vibrant and fun as the space itself–and we were thrilled to help! One of the fun challenged here was finding a set of plantings that didn’t take up too much floor space but still had both height and room for color. Preserved bamboo canes provide that height and a bit of flare, leaving plenty of room for bright, tropical guzmanias.

A set of smaller tabletop ZZs in matching glazed ocean-blue ceramics complete the look, while two large “beach in a bowl” succulent gardens featuring seashells, driftwood, and that famous white sand are the icing on top.




Graduation Jungle Featuring Tropical Color and Palms

tropical plant rental, graduation plants

plants at graduation, plant rental

Another fun thing about spring? It’s graduation season! We love working with schools on enhancing venues for commencement ceremonies, and are so honored to be able to be a part of celebrating the success of so many young people in our community as well as the incredible educators and educational administrators who help them along the way.

This arrangement was prepared for multiple high school graduations at the Bradenton Convention Center, and we just loved how lush and vibrant it turned out.





Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center Entryway Featuring Succulents, Palms, and Custom Planter Bowls

Plant Parents is a local business, through and through–and it’s no secret that we love Sarasota and are honored to run the Downtown In Bloom flower basket program, managing the pretty plantings you’ll see on light posts throughout the city. So we were delighted to offer our services to the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center.

In addition to live plants inside the building offices, we installed a set of exterior container plantings designed with creating great first impressions in mind. These locally produced concrete bowls hold a mix of cheery succulents anchored by very-Florida palm trees.

Interested in plants for your office, home, or special event? We’d love to work with you! Contact us online or call us at 941-377-3070.

office plants cubicles

Three Practical Uses for Office Plants

In addition to the myriad ways plants can improve productivity in the office, well-positioned plantings can be the solution to a number of practical problems in the workplace. Below, some of our favorite “green hacks” to try.


Indoor Plants

Cover Unsightly Cords

A strategically placed planting can be a great way to hide bunches of cords and cables, dented drywall, and any other small but obnoxious eyesores around the office.

For the best coverage, pick a wide container with some height to it, and plant it with thick, full foliage plants like dracena bushes or aglaonemas. Voila! The eyesore becomes eye candy.


office plants cubiclesDampen Sound

Anyone who has spent time in an open-office or shared work-space environment knows how challenging it can be to cope with all that ambient noise–phones ringing, conversations, the drone of the printer….. It can be more than a little distracting.

Plants help dampen sound, making it easier to focus on the task at hand. We love long window box-style planters on top of cubicles for offices with less space, or acoustic moss panels for serious sound-control.


Direct Trafficindoor plants club upscale

Have a weird alcove under the stairs, or other odd feature seemingly left over from another building tenant? Plantings can help mask the area, and politely prevent people from bumping their heads or tripping on an out-of place architecture feature.


Ready to apply some of these “green hacks” to your office? Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consult!

Spring Plant Sale 2019 Press Release

A Local Favorite Returns: Plant Parents Spring Plant Sale Offers Great Greenery for Less

Bargain Prices, Big Selection of Plants Plus Containers at Biannual Sale

SARASOTA, FLORIDA – Plant Parents will host their Spring Plant Sale and Open House Friday and Saturday May 10-11. The event, a longtime favorite among local plant lovers, boasts a broad selection of houseplants, plants for yards and lanais at deep discounts. One, two, and five-dollar deals make the sale an exciting opportunity for bargain-hunters looking to start or bolster their personal collections, connect with fellow aficionados, and get expert advice from the Plant Parents’ team of horticultural technicians.

This spring, attendees can expect many palms, orchids, Guzmanias, and a diverse assortment of specimen bromeliads. Those eager to explore the increasingly popularized health benefits of houseplants will be happy to find many indoor acclimated varieties, including dracaenas, aglaonemas, ZZ plants, Pothos, and more. Discounted planters will also be available, among them pieces for indoor and outdoor use.

In addition to deals on plants and containers, the event offers a unique opportunity to tour a working nursery not normally open to the public. Guests are invited to explore the grounds and enjoy the scenery. Owner David Glosser describes it as an invitation to join Plant Parents’ “horticultural family,” one which continues to grow over nearly two decades of operation in the Sarasota-Bradenton area.

The Plant Parents Sale and Open House will take place May 10-11 at 6742 Richardson Road in Sarasota, just east of I-75 off Fruitville Road. Friday hours are 9AM to 6PM; Saturday hours are 9AM to 4PM. Visit for more information on the sale, including directions. Updates are posted on the company Facebook page,, and Instagram, @plantparentsfl. Plant Parents can be contacted directly at 941-377-3070 and


About Plant Parents: Plant Parents is an award-winning interiorscape company focused on live plant programs for commercial and residential clients throughout the Sarasota-Bradenton area. Services interiorscape design, service for new and existing plantings, living walls and green walls, short term rentals for special events and more.

Women enjoy Plant Sale

Plant rental garden

Five Ways Live Plant Rentals Enhance Events


Floral arrangements have long been a staple of special occasions, but live plant rentals have, until fairly recently, been more of an event planner trade secret. Now, it’s easier than every to rent plants short term for weddings, parties, graduations, and more. Here’s how live plants can enhance any venue, from humble to high-end.


Plant rental event garden themeMake a Familiar Venue Your Own

Short term plant rentals are a great way to personalize venues, and make familiar spaces feel special. Groupings of palms and philodendrons, for example, can quickly transform a gym into a jungle. Even if you have a ritzier venue, a touch of greenery offers an opportunity to put your mark on the space.


Dampen Sound

Acoustics in large spaces can be tricky. Large, leafy plants, like ficus trees, can help absorb echoes and other ambient sound. Outdoors, live plants can help create a barrier to soften the sounds of traffic from outside or music from within.


Crowd ControlPlant rental for gala

Larger live plants are great for helping define areas where you’d like people to go–and discourage them from areas best avoided. Use them to create a sense of enclosure or paths between areas. Plants are also great for creating a sense of intimacy in larger areas, like conference halls or large lawns, or even inside larger tents when arranged near posts.


Add Color

Plants can be used to add color and interest to a space. This can be accomplished by adding blooming plants, like guzmanias, as standalone arrangements or underplantings on larger trees. It can also be accomplished with colorful foliage plants. Some of our favorite colorful foliage plants include “Red Sister” Ti Plants (burgundy and fuchsia), Lemon Lime Dracenas (striped with white and two shades of green), and Glaucas (green with blush at the base).


Add Light

String lights make a great addition to our ficus trees. At evening events, they add a soft glow. Underlighting is another option that works especially well with palm trees.


Interested in exploring short term plant rental options for your next event? Contact Plant Parents for more information–we look working on event design!

Colorful Plants In Office

Three Unique Plantings We Love

Every space has its unique challenges–and often those challenges are part of their charm. It’s always a treat when we can find ways to use those unusual nooks and crannies as part of a plant program.  Below, check out three recent favorites!

From The Space Under The Stairs to The Space Everyone Wants to See

Colorful Plants In Office

An empty stretch under the stairs can be tricky to design around. Even if it’s not closed off, it can become a de-facto storage area, which isn’t always pretty. With a little creativity, this client was able to take full advantage of their space, filling in a small depression with black polished stone and topping it off with bowls brimming with tropical color, creating a memorable installation that draws visitors from inside the building and off the streets.


A Custom Orchid Wall For A Busy Cafe

indoor orchards

This cafe owner loved orchids–but with a busy business, there was only so much space to add more. We worked with them to develop a system for adding orchids to this wall installation for an eye-catching take on the green wall. It’s easy to customize this piece with fresh plants and accessories, making it a great conversation piece that always has something new to offer.


Succulents Spruce Up A Wooden Wall


Succulent Wall

This bar had a really interesting, geometric wood wall. The wall was striking empty, but adding small succulents to the built in pockets upped the ante. A mix of upright and trailing pieces creates a look that’s on trend and so very Instagram-able.


Have an odd spot in your home, office, or business you’d like to transform? Give us a call! We’d love to work with you!

Plants on Urban Balcony

Outdoor Privacy Plantings For Balconies

A great view is a great thing…. Except when that great view is in to your home. While a nice balcony is a must for many condo owners and city dwellers, it can be tough to enjoy your space when it feels too exposed. The right privacy plantings can help provide coverage and create a more personal, intimate feel on your balcony and in your home without obstructing the view you love. Here’s what to consider when looking at privacy planting options.

Plants on Urban Balcony

Height isn’t Always Right

Generally, a little elevation for your plantings is a good thing–but too much and you’ll risk losing any view at all. Hip-high or so planters do a good job of softening a view and creating a more private environment. Choose mid-height shrubs to add some additional height with more coverage.

If your concern is exposure from above (i.e. another apartment or condo across the street), a taller, wind-hardy selection may be in order. Avoid anything too top-heavy, and select a more more sizable container to allow your planting to achieve height.

Custom wooden planters with green hedge


Stability Is Crucial….

Many taller, rectangular planters have relatively narrow bases, which is bad news on outdoor balconies for two reasons. First, you need a container that can withstand the weather. Anything too narrow will tip, even with rock or other weighted material in the base. Second, narrow planters limit the type, height, and longevity of the plants you’ll be able to use.

Tropical Privacy Screen

….But Consider Mobility, Too

Some condos may require plants to be moved indoors during certain weather events, such as hurricanes or tropical storms. If this is the case, it’s good to make sure you have planters in a material like fiberglass that are going to be relatively easy to move.


Keep You Plants Simple

Privacy plantings are generally in the least protected parts of balconies, on the edges where they are exposed to sun, wind, and for many in our region, salt. It’s important to pick plants that can tolerate these conditions and thrive, especially because they will be so visible. For the most coverage, think bushy shrubs–a mono-culture can look very chic and modern. To add in color, consider smaller succulent bowls or sun-hardy flowering varieties in more protected areas of your balcony. Alternately, mix in colorful foliage plants with shrubbier varieties to get a pop of color while still having a solid barrier.


Interested in exploring privacy planting options for your balcony? A professional plantscaper can help you select the right varieties to achieve the protection and style you want, and will have the experience to know what holds up in your locale. In the Sarasota-Bradenton area? Give us a call for a free consult!

Space Savers: Three Office Plant Styles for Small Offices

Want to enjoy some of the creative, wellness, and productivity benefits of a live plant program, but worried your office just doesn’t have the space? Fear not! Today, there are plenty of tried and true solutions for workplaces with limited space for office plants. Below, three of our favorite ways to incorporate greenery into any office.


Cubicle Topper Window Boxes

Live plants in dining areaSo simple, but these can completely transform an office. There are several options for these kind of planters on the market, but our favorites come with adjustable clamps underneath to fit any divider and keep your plants firmly in place. Positioning these on top of dividers rather than hanging over one side means more visibility for your plants. It also creates an overall greener impression to anyone looking out into the space–great for when you’re showing potential new hires around. This style of planter works well for tops of cabinets, windowsills, and other narrower spaces where a single plant isn’t quite cutting it.

We like to pair these with a combo of trailing and upright plants to get a more balanced look that maximizes visibility. For more color, it’s easy to add in guzmanias.


Cubicle Plants Office plants


Tall Squares or Cylinders With Sleek Foliage

Plant In Office CornerTall square planters are perfect for offices with just a tiny corner left for plantings, or even as a finishing touch for hallways. We use these to elevate plants so that they’re visible over desktops. Tall planters also create the impression of more executive-looking height.


In smaller offices, we like to pair these with taller, skinnier canes for that tree-like height, or with ZZ plants for a modern, minimalist look with a sculptural quality.

Office Plant in Tall Square




Mini Desktop Planters With Colorful Toppers

There are a huge variety of tabletop planter options. Our favorite for seriously tight spaces are tall squares or vases paired with mini plants. Upright plants create an opportunity to get creative with toppers. Use sea glass, sand, and pebbles create a unique and personalized look that compliments the plant and brings out its character.


We love using polished river rock for a more natural look, or glass marbles in complementary hues for a fun pop of color to match distinct interior decor or corporate colors.


Ready to Go Green In Your Office? Here’s What Else to Keep In Mind

The key to a successful office plant program is find a combination of plants and planters that enhance your environment without creating clutter or interrupting the flow of traffic. What works for one space may not for another. Interested in a plan for your office? Contact a professional interiorscaper to schedule a free consult. They can recommend appropriate plants, planters and other fixtures to create a custom plant program for your office, as well as displays for client-facing, high visibility areas like your reception and entry areas.

indoor planters

Three Ways Plants Improve Workplaces

Plants at work may be pretty, but that’s not the only reason so many successful companies give their workplaces a green makeover. Live plant programs are a smart investment for offices, an investment which yields surprising–and substantial–returns. Here’s how:


indoor planters



Boost Productivity

Numerous studies have found that productivity spikes in offices with plants and other natural elements of biophilic design. Among the mostoft-cited of these is a 2014 report out of the University of Exeter, in which plants were introduced to previously “lean” offices–those devoid of any biophilic elements. That study described an astounding 15% increase in productivity among employees in the newly “green” office environments.

A larger international study conducted by Human Spaces in 2015 found employees in plant-friendly offices overall to be at least 6% more productive than their colleagues in more barren workplaces. Additional research supports productivity boosts in this range in a wide range of businesses, from large-scale corporations to smaller local startups. Dr. Chris Knight, one of the psychologists behind the University of Exeter study, explained why he believes greenery is so impactful in the the workplace to The Guardian:

“What was important was that everybody could see a plant from their desk. If you are working in an environment where there’s  something to get you psychologically engaged you are happier and you work better.”

Moss wall, green wall, living wall


Inspire Creativity

Nature sparks creativity. On a large scale, employees in relatively green offices report improved creativity, but even the simple act of looking at a single desk plant was shown to improve creativity in a University of Munich and Rochester study.

Plant In Office Corner

Improve Health and Wellness

Plants seem to offer both psychological and physiological benefits, which in turn translate to fewer sick days. On the physiological side,plants indoors help freshen and even filter the air, as documented extensively by NASA in a 2007 study. Studies have shown that rooms with houseplants can have as much as 60% less airborne bacteria and mold.

Plants may also reduce stress, which can lead to or exacerbate a number of health problems. A study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that interacting with indoor plants–and even just potting soil!– reduced psychological and physiological stress in study participants.


Ready to go green at your office? We’d love to help! Call or email Plant Parents for a free design consultation to bring live plants to your workplace.


Thanks from a Sarasota Bride

Written thank you from appreciative  Bride!

Plant Parents Plant Rental Spring 2013

Plant Parents gives talk to Association of Legal Administrators

Plant Parents supported the  local chapter of Legal Administrators with a fun talk on “Biophilia and what it means to me?”



A Recent Wedding Rental Testimonial

Good morning David,

I just wanted to thank you again and say that it is always a pleasure working with you! I thought last Saturday the  xxxxxxx wedding went beautifully! (The trees were gorgeous as usual.) Thank you again for all of your help!


Wedding Designer Kate Johnston, Sarasota Wedding Gallery  11/7/2011

Fall 2011 PLANT SALE Dates ….Mark your calendars !

Fall Plant Sale Dates Announced

Our dates for the FALL PLANT SALE have been posted…mark your calendars!

Friday November 4th and Saturday November  5th

Happy adopters at the last PLANT SALE

Plant Parents Logo

Plant Parents Supports 4-H Plant Sale

Plant Parents Supports 4-H Plant Sale

Plant Parents supported the next generation of horticulturalists at the Sarasota County Fair in April.  We had the opportunity to purchase many fine plants from the kids in our local 4-H programs….

Spring 2011 Plant Sale Dates Announced

Spring Plant Sale Dates Announced

Our dates for the spring PLANT SALE have been posted…mark your calendars Friday May 6th and Saturday May 7th.

Plant sale fall 2010 red truck
Plant Sale shopper is thrilled to get her truck load of bargain “plant” goodies home.

5 points motor court

Plaza at 5 Points New Baskets in Motor Court

Plaza at 5 Points Baskets

Plaza at 5 Points Baskets

tommy bahama’s

Tommy Bahama’s:  New Patio Seating Planters

Tommy Bahamas Plantings

Tommy Bahamas Plantings


Plant Parents Logo

Plant Parents joins Facebook

Plant Parents Joins Facebook

Become a fan of Plant Parents on Face Book. It’s a new world out there… we are having fun and embarking on the nuances of the digital age, enjoy the surfing the new medium!

Plant Parents on Facebook Sign up here to become a friend of Plant Parents on Facebook

Plant Sale Spring 2009

Plant Sale: Happy Folks Spring 2009
 Cart filled !

Happy customer, cart filled, enjoying the shade!

Happy Plant Sale Customer!

Happy Plant Sale Customer!

Plymouth Harbor Lobby

New plantings in the lobby of Plymouth Harbor, Spring 2009.

Lisa Cane with Guzmania underplants

Lisa Cane with Guzmania underplants

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant