Patioscape plants for pool deck

Five Ways Home Plant Service Is Amazing

Whether you’re a green thumb or can’t keep a cactus alive, home plant service is a great way to enhance your space and enhance your life. Here’s how bringing a professional in is a gamechanger.


Patioscape plants for pool deckPlants and Planters Tailored to You

Professional plantscapers help balance your unique style with practical considerations that will insure your indoor and outdoor plants thrive. For example, a pro can provide or advise on planters that will hold up and provide the right amount of space for the height and style of greenery you’re looking for. We also help insure planters are properly prepped before plants are added in, making sure interior planters are leak-proof and exterior planters will drain with minimal runoff.

Plantscapers also can work to match your vision with plants that will be happiest in the unique conditions throughout your home or patio. All of this adds up to lower replacement costs on plants and planters long term.


Service Visits On Your Terms

Plant service programs include regular visits from a horticultural technician, typically on a weekly or biweekly basis. Service includes so much more than just watering–in fact, some clients prefer to do their own watering, and bring us in just for the other work that goes into maintaining their greens.  Our technicians are pest control certified, and can quickly identify and treat any problems. They are also specially trained to groom plants with an interiorscaper’s eye for detail for more nuanced results. Technicians take care of fertilization, rotate out annuals or blooming color plants, and can work with you to keep your program to your tastes–for example, repotting existing plants, finding a place to replant gift plants, and more. Especially important now, our technicians can work “contactlessly”–though they are also happy to answer questions or just say hello from a safe six feet. 

We also offer plant programs for seasonal residents, with special options to “babysit” or offer scaled back service in the off-season. 


Residential plant service succulent bowlsPatioscapes: Plantings on Pool Decks, Lanais, and Balconies

Having that perfect back patio pool deck to enjoy the balmy climes or take a quick dip is the Florida dream. Patioscaping is the art of transforming that outdoor space into an oasis that works for you, and a space you can enjoy with your family and friends instead of worrying about weeding and pruning. Plant service can help you develop the features that matter to you, whether that’s privacy screening, splashes of color, shade, or just an overall softening.

For condo and apartment dwellers, a professional touch can be key to planning and maintaining balcony plantings that enhance the space without interrupting views. Plantscapers are also generally familiar with condo board rules and how to make sure you’re in compliance.




Desert rose on pool deck patioscapeHouseplant Help

Houseplants have been a sign of status and style since at least ancient Rome, and have only grown more popular in the age of social media. In addition to looking great, plants in the home can offer all kinds of benefits for mental and physical health. Home plant service keeps your houseplants happy longer, by providing appropriate care tailored to the microenvironment of your interior.


Color Rotation Programs 

Live flowers are beautiful, but nothing stays in bloom forever. Color rotation programs keep live blooms where you want them. Outside, this often means rotation blooming annuals as the seasons change. Inside, this means changing out popular arrangements featuring tropical blooms like orchids and bromeliads. Our experts help keep blooms going and gorgeous as long as possible, and then switch in time to make sure your flowers are always fresh.


Curious about how a professional residential plant program could enhance your home? Give us a call at 941-377-3070, or visit Contact Us to shoot us an email.