Custom residential planting with river rock

Interior Plant Trends to Watch in 2020

The last decade was a big one for interior landscapes. An ever growing body of research into the health, wellness, and productivity-boosting potential of biophilic design coupled with the aesthetics of the social media age helped fuel an increased demand for plants in homes, offices, and communities at large. Along with that demand has come a need for new kinds of interiorscape solutions, solutions that look Insta-worthy fresh and are practical for our evolving workplaces and lifestyles. Here, some of the trends we’re excited to see continue to grow in the 2020s!


Large green wall sarasota

Living Walls

The 2010s were when greenwall systems really started to Plant wall and office plants for office in Sarasota / Bradenton areabecome more widely available to the public. Let’s just say that some of these systems have proved to be better than others. With some solid years of testing out there, greenwall systems are only continuing to improve, with a clear set of reliable brands and durable options emerging. While many of the floor-to-ceiling style living walls are still fairly pricey, improved design and technology will help make these showstopper pieces a safer long term investment. 



Plant Portraits, Mini Green Walls, and Sconce-based Systems

One of the other great things to come out of the living wall crazy are the number of smaller scale alternatives. Plant portraits, mini green walls, and sconce-style systems are all great ways to get a highly customizable look without breaking the bank. As a bonus, these systems are much more portable, so they can be moved, rearranged, etc as offices or other spaces grow and change. 



Snake plant and shrubbery used in restaurant seating area

‘Retro’ Houseplants Coming Back Into Style

Hard as it may be for the newest generation of plant parents to believe, many current Instagram darlings like Monsteras were long considered “grandma plants”. Over the past decades, these varieties have come back into vogue. We’re particularly pleased with the rebranding of Sansevieria, many of which hold up quite well in low light!

In the next year, we hope to continue to make the old feel new by pairing vintage-cool plants with sleek, modern fixtures in of-the-moment colors and textures. Our pic for the next comeback kid plant? Schefflera, especially in column form–we’ve spotted these guys in everything from Ikea catalogs to Adam Driver’s Marriage Story apartment!


snake plant in white modern box

Clay-Style Pottery 

Many of the most of-the-moment looks have a distinctly organic feel to the, Case in point: Clay-style pottery. What keeps the look from getting too “crunchy” are simple, pared down shapes. What keeps them practical are new materials and manufacturing techniques that make it possible to get that high-end look without the fragility or weight of older models.

Biophilia Everywhere!

This one isn’t really a new trend. The theory of biophilia has been around for decades. But in a world increasingly concerned with wellness and the environment, and increasingly working and living in more urban spaces, more and more people are discovering the ideas and research behind biophilic design, and turning to biophilic solutions at home, in the workplace, and in their community spaces.


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